Seurat Effects

Make your own pointillist style images!


Seurat Photo Effects makes it easy to turn your own photos into stunning art paintings styled after Georges Seurat, one of 19th century’s greatest artists.

Seurat was a “neoimpressionist” artist who developed a style of painting called pointillism. Pointillism uses dots of pure color applied directly to the canvas, forcing the viewer to mix colors in their mind, much like the modern pixels that you are probably looking at right now. Seurat’s works of pointillism are iconic well known worldwide. Seurat is also famous for his evocative black and white conté crayon drawings. His drawings were once called, “the most beautiful drawings, by a painter, in existence” .

Choose from two different classical styles, a color “Pointillism” style or a black and white “Conté Drawing” style.

Saves images at double screen resolution of your device:

– iPad: 1568×2048 pixels – Retina Displays: 1568×2048 pixels – Other: 640×960 pixels


Get Seurat Effects! Available on iOS: iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

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